Let's assume you have a website that is somehow asking your site visitors to take some action. It might be filling out your contact form to get a sales lead. Your site will have competitors (enter your keywords in a Google search to see who they are). How can you be more competitive in that market and have a more successful site?

The answer: increase your conversion rate.

Jakob Nielsen put this pretty well with his formula for website success.

B = V x C x L


  • B = amount of business done by the site
  • V = unique visitors coming to the site
  • C = conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who become customers); note that the concept of conversion applies not only to ecommerce sites, but to any site where there is something you want users to do
  • L = loyalty rate (the degree to which customers return to conduct repeat business)

Now, the strategy most webmasters probably think of when trying to increase "sales" is to go out and get more traffic. But in many cases, this probably isn't the best strategy. You can get the same effect by doubling your conversion as you can doubling your traffic, and here is the best part…

Doubling your conversion could be surprisingly easy!

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