There are many useful tools floating around the internet that can add increased funtionality to your My Artisan Web site. These remote web applications can range anywhere from Google calendars displaying upcoming events, to Google maps showing the location of your business.

Remote web applications are applications hosted, of course, remotely. This means that your interaction with the application will take place on a site far removed from your My Artisan Web site, but the fruits of that interaction can be fed to display directly on your My Artisan Web site! So, when you create events on a Google Calendar, hosted by Google, you can enable your My Artisan Web site to take that information and display it in a module position, or even directly in a content article. This dynamic is depicted below, where the remote Google Calendar is displayed in a wrapper calendar

This relationship is constant once it has been established, so as soon as something is created or edited in your web application it is instantly seen on your My Artisan Web site!

Methods of Display

Remote web applications can be fed to display into your My Artisan Web site in two different ways.

The first way is to link it through a wrapper module, a special type of module which can be set to grab information from a remote URL (web address) and display it in a module position on your My Artisan Web site. The wrapper module can be set to any of the available module positions for your template, so it is an extremely versatile tool in displaying content from a remote location. This makes it a perfect candidate for showing information from a remote web application.

The second way to display your web application on your My Artisan Web site is through javascript, or a similar coding technique. Most web applications will output a segment of code in javascript or iframe. Inserting this code into the source of a regular content article will display the web location within that article. This makes it easy to embed your web application in the article(s) of your choice.

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